Karen's Typical Day

The goal of this project is to create twenty symbols that make up a visual time line of my daily routine. These symbols are also called "referents," which refer to any actions, objects or concepts that are important to communicating an idea. At the end of the project I'll have a chronlogical set of icons that tell about my typical day.

For part one's deliverable I listed out all the activities I do from waking up to falling asleep. Then I put a box around the ones that were most relevant, and rewrote it to make my final 20 referents. 

This is the initial set of icons I sketched based on session two. Session two covered two types of design techniques, iconic and narrative. In iconic, the referent is stripped down to only the essential facts. It is static and and very basic. In narrative, there is more detail and the icon is more complex. People shown are engaging in a process - it is dynamic, not static. There's a third type not used often but worth mentioning, and that is abstract design technique. These are for those cases where a referent cannot be realistically depicted. Instead a bold mark is made and used over and over again, such is the case with the symbols for recycling, nuclear, and biohazard. 

There are also two ways of depicting the icons, either by an outline (all of mine) or by fill-in. 

Here's the single image I'm most proud of, for "Making lists:"

These aren't bad either but there are some important details missing: 

And the final product: 

Not perfect, but - it's done! And that was my main goal. I don't plan on getting hired as a designer or illustrator anytime soon, but always nice to feel like you can learn how these tools work. Thanks for the class, Edward, and thanks to The Noun Project too.


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