Julia Sevilla

Social Entrepreneur



Kape Maria Brand Narrative

Hello! :)

I want to create a brand narrative for my coffee social enterprise in the Philippines called Kape Maria. (Kape stands for Coffee in Filipino language)

1. Brand Values
Katutubo (this means roots, source of origin)

Kape Maria supports Philippine coffee farmers, cooperatives and roasters and works with them to bring you the finest in Philippine coffee. By cultivating the industry, we aim to make Philippine coffee enjoyed by coffee drinkers not only in the Philippines, but all over the world.

Kabuhayan (this means life or livelihood)

Kape Maria’s mission is fair trade. Suppliers are justly compensated. We help local farmers build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities.

2. Brand narrative

Did you know that coffee trees act as a flavor sponge, absorbing scents and flavors of plants within a distance? This is why coffees from different provinces have their own unique flavor. Kape Maria lets you taste the richness of local coffee by sourcing beans from different islands all over the Philippines.

Discover the Philippines in every cup!

Be part of the movement!

The Philippines is located on the global coffee belt, however we import around 24 million kilos of coffee a year! Join the Kape Maria advocacy of buying local coffee and support the livelihood of Philippine coffee farmers.


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