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Kanye Kneads Croissants

UPDATE! I will post my process later (it's at home, I'm at work, clearly working shh) BUT I just wanted to post SOMETHING since I'm terrible at updating the project. I've been working on this little by little and this is where I'm at right now. Like, right at this very moment. However, my previous sketches for croissant were where I wanted to go (more like the one I drew on the bottom...but it's just not working. I'm trying to stay in a frenchish style for the word and I can't seem to solve it. Any ideas anyone?

Also, this is a square print that will be hung on the wall. In the kitchen. By croissants, probs. Thanks for the help!


Well hello there! My name's Lauren. 

While searching endlessly for phrases, I thought back on a project I always wanted to do: hilarious rap lyrics. I'd love to continue this as a side project once this is over. The first phrase I've chosen is: 

"Hurry up with my damn croissants!" -Kanye

This phrase could just go so many places visually to me. I think French. I think Kanye. I think rap. I think food. Oh, the POSSIBILITIES! Plus, I think it'd be hilarious if the visual style was ironically beautiful and less harsh; such a contrast with the flowing poetry of Kanye.

My word list is a word web which I've always enjoyed because it just lets my mind wander. You'll find some strange things if you actually go through it, but I like to just write down every single thing that goes through my mind, regardless if it seems to make sense at the time. You just never know if I'll end up using something that has to do with the word "meow". 

After making my word web I went pretty HAM (crushed it) and started to gather what I thought may be the visual solution to such a compelling phrase. I went all over the place, from vintage French typography to actual baked goods to a more modern French style. 

So that's my start. More to come on sketches!


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