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Christian Moore

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Kanvas Kings

"Life is your kanvas, paint your dreams and kreate your masterpiece" 

Kanvas Kings is a very unique streetwear brand that I created in my dorm room at college. My name is Christian Moore and before I became a graphic designer, I was your typical college basketball player. I am 6"8 and played power forward at the college who gave me a full ride at the time - Savannah College of Arts and Design. 

Only one thing I loved to do was draw. I had no idea how to use the computer, but as soon as my roomate introduced me to Photoshop and Illustrator, it changed my life for good. I realized what I truly wanted to be in this world and that was a designer. I did not want to stop learning. I was completely hooked. Design took over my life and I consumed it just as much as it consumed me. That is when I founded Kanvas Kings and realized I was learning quicker than what my professors could teach me. 

      Dropping out of college was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but it wasn't for nothing. I had a dream and a passion that I was willing to risk anything for... 

Kanvas Kings - The idea that life isn't about following the norms of society. It is about following your heart wherever it may take you. Everyone has their own definition of success. For me it has always been just to be happy everyday when you wake up. Take risk for what you believe in. Love what you do everyday. 

     The idea that your life is your blank canvas. It is waiting for you- the aritst- to create the greatest masterpiece that you could ever imagine. Afterall, when your life is over you will have that canvas to look on back on and contemplate about. 


Our mission statement:  We are not looking to be apart of a social trend. We are only looking to truly inspire as best as we can by communicating through our designs. The idea that our designs can have an affect on anyone in anyway makes us feel that we are accomplishing something. 

Check out our logos so you can get a better understanding of us: 

We wanted to have two different logos that were very contrasting from each other. Script and "block" seemed to be it. Obviously not a lot of people would know what 3 paraelle bars would mean, but here is a screen shot from illustrator to show the two different logos and the meaning of the 3 bars logo that is shown on the right. 

Enough about us talking right? Let's see some designs! 

"RISE" - This is one of my favorite designs. It means a lot to many different people. I have gotten great comments about this one. 

"RISE" - Here is the colorway in black 

"EMBRACE FAILURE" - Success does not come easy. Everything is trial and error. You have to fail to understand and appreciate success. Keeping failing and keep trying. 

"EMBRACE FAILURE" - Here is the colorway in red. 

"Staple+Kanvas Kings collab?" ( wishful thinking! ) 

"Staple+Kanvas Kings collab?" ( wishful thinking! ) 

Details- Its about how you have fun with your clothing line that make it appealing to other. Here are some of the details we put in our shirts. ( cardstock hangtags, canvas printed hangtags, etc ) 

Cardstock -( This is our cardstock design that we plan on having printed for our release ) 

Tagless sizes- Here is a look at our tagless size prints that we have on each of our garments. 

When I learned how to design I spent every waking hour learning. I wanted to be a sponged and soak it all in . Then when I learned about screen printing... I guess you can say I saw the opportunity and took another risk at me loving to learn! 

These are small shots of my day at the shop printing. I really threw myself into the fire with this one. I spent 15 hours a day every single day for a year and my old shop that I bought to really learn and master screen printing, but that is how I learn. If you are going to do something in life there is no point in doing it less than 100%. 

In conclusion: 

Kanvas Kings has grown substaintially in the past year. I have found the best business partner I could ask for whom is a mentor and a new good friend to me, Matty. We both design about 12 hours a day, but absolutely love it and couldn't ask for a better job. 

The old shop turned into a new shop where we experiement like mad scientist and come up with new ways to make our garments and printing more unique and original. 

Our new website is being built as we speak and we are launching our very first real line Fall 2013. 

All in all we both would like to say we enjoy waking up everyday and designing. It is our love and our life. I hope everyone in this finds what they love to do in life and sticks with it. It is the greatest gift to have. Go out there and kreate your masterpiece. 


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