Kansas City

Kansas City - student project

Kansas City - image 1 - student project

I've been a fan of Jackson's work for some time now, so I was eager to take this course. I used the techniques he suggested for warm ups, letter height, and flourishes. Came together nicely.

Here was my process:

1. Warm up with the Crayola market to find the right downstroke angle for the letters.

2. Once I'd found the right angle/grip I wrote practice letters to determine the right x-height.

3. Then I laid out the skeleton of the piece with a pencil. After that I got out my light board and grabbed a fresh sheet of paper for the final piece.

4. I slowly and deliberately drew each stroke, which is contrary to the quick-paced calligraphy I've done lately. It was nice to slow things done and take my time.

5. Once I did a first pass I went back and added weight to the finishing stokes and flourishes. You might also notice I filled the letter weights in especially on the K, a, and i. They needed to be bulked up a bit to match the weight of their siblings.

6. And there you have it. All told this probably took 30 minutes.