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Kansas City Pennant

I chose Kansas City as the city to represent because although I live in St. Joseph, Kansas City is close by and more well known. The color choice was an obvious one because the KC Royals and Sporting KC soccer club both have two hues of blue in their branding. I didn't want to include iconic images because I didn't to associate with one particular thing; rather I wanted to represent KC as a whole without bias. 

This is my favorite Oxford Pennant. I like the colors and font choices.


Here were my inspirations. The first photo I took while shopping at the vintage market in KC. I really like the top left one (vertical yellow and white). Even though I won't be going that direction for my pennant; I still think it's pretty rad.





I decided to add a couple extra elements and while doing so, came up with another idea! So here are both of my pennants.

*** After looking at the first pennant I wasn't quite sure about the state titles at the bottom so I added stars instead. Any feedback?





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