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Kangaroo, Bat, Toucan, Chimp and Snake - Animal Logos

I got really into it and ended up doing 6 of these animal marks

I started out with the idea of creating an animal logo that somehow acted as a visual metaphor for a characteristic relating to that animal. So, for example, a if I was to choose a bull or rhino, I would make it's defining characteristic strength or power, as opposed to cuteness or something...

My first ideas were:

  • Bat - echolation (the process whereby the bat uses sound waves to detect prey)
  • Kangaroo - speed and agility
  • Snake - suspicion (I don't know why, I guess Suspicious Snake just sounds cool)
  • Chimp - cheeky ('Cheeky Chimp')
  • Toucan - I went with 'Flamboyant'

Initial sketches:

I then began the process of finding good reference images and creating some initial sketches.

The logo's done in Illustrator:

Once I was done with that, I jumped right into my favourite part of the process - using Adobe Illustrator.

I tried to use typography that also emphasised these defining characteristics.


I then incorporated the Swiftly (Kangaroo) logo into a branding project for university (luckily it worked out quite well).

This was a very useful course - I recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about creating attractive logo marks.

You can check out the project on Behance here:


Hope you enjoyed it!


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