Kandinsky Circle Meets Alien

Kandinsky Circle Meets Alien - student project

While waiting for my markers to arrive to complete the project on Miro, I watched the videos on Kandinsky.

I opted for one of the other circles in the class painting. 

My three key words are bright, whimsical and fun.

Because I want brightness, I will probably make the entire background color yellow rather than a split yellow and blue. 

My personalization will be the alien. :)  I have already sketched it. When I sketch or doodle I have a tendency to draw critters of some kind.

I'm not finished but last night I was putting in the purple ring and had a happy accident. I use a small cutting board as a palate for mixing colors. I was cleaning it off after mixing the purple and this appeared. I love it. I call it Kandinsky Rose. Of course, I took the picture then finished cleaning the board so there is no "original" of it.

O my gosh!!! The upload turned it sideways. Rotate it 90 degrees to right to see it correctly.

Kandinsky Circle Meets Alien - image 1 - student project

I'm not quite sure what Kandinsky would think of my personalization but I see images in most patterns, clouds and most anywhere else. The alien head shape jumped out at me when I studied this circle. 

I call my final project "Kandinsky Circle Meets Alien."

Kandinsky Circle Meets Alien - image 2 - student project