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Kam's Go Mighty Project - student project

Kam's Go Mighty Project - image 1 - student project


Hello, my name is Kam and I am ready to Go Mighty!


2013 is my year to be brave. Brave is my One Little Word for the year, and it's time to take a brave step toward achieving my goals. My year will be about setting brave goals, making brave plans, taking brave steps, and reaching for brave limits. Go Mighty will be a big part of my brave year.

 I love lists and making goals, so I feel that Go Mighty will help me stay on track with my life goals.

 My top two goals I would like to focus on while working on this project include:

  1. Become a certified yoga teacher/Go through yoga teacher training
  2. Compete in a bouldering competition

I included the first goal in my 5 and 10-year plans for another Skillshare class, and I love that I will be able to take that list of goals and turn them into a visual project with Go Mighty.

I am looking forward to working on my Go Mighty profile, I feel like it is an excellent way for me to find help with my goals! This project will evolve a bit as I work on my life list, and I hope I can connect with others on our goals.

I will be working on this project over the next few weeks, and you can find my Go Mighty profile here, and I would love to conenct with you via Twitter, as well.


 Link to my Go Mighty Profile: http://gomighty.com/user/CampfireChic/

Kam Altar
Blogger/Owner, Campfire Chic