Kamaca Champion updating LinkedIn profile

Kamaca Champion updating LinkedIn profile - student project

Thank you Elizabeth for bite-sized and fun exercises. I have been putting off working on the LinkedIn profile, unsure of myself, but this class gave me energy. I'm returning to work after 12 vocational hiatus to be a stay-at-home.  

I think it looks much better and feels authentically me. I should have took a before screen shot. eek!

I welcome feedback.



Kamaca Champion updating LinkedIn profile - image 1 - student project


Headline: I listen, think, ideate, and steward.

Communications planner | creative services manager | Black seminarian | project director at Rudd Resources


About (210 words): I build communication frameworks that focus tactics, capitalize on timing and leverage an organization’s talent. As a result, my clients are strategically positioned to engage in meaningful conversations with key audiences and partners.

Unearthing the heart of a message is my joy and fine-tuning its articulation is my passion. Whether it is producing a 10-minute announcement video for a multi-billion-dollar municipal transit infrastructure project, designing an educational toolkit for national water advocacy, co-creating a progressive communication strategy for a historical seminary, or illustrating corporate graphics to explain diversity and inclusion behavior models, I am a trusted steward who guides the execution of clear, simple and bold messages.

I bring intuitive sensibilities and hands-on expertise communications ecosystems. I know diverse messaging. After all, I am simultaneously (and miraculously) raising humans currently enrolled in college, middle, elementary and pre-school! As a Black woman seminarian, I am studying how humans talk and think about matters of tradition and faith. Painting, textiles, and surface design remain my creative outlets and sources of inspiration.

If you are ready to convey the right messages to your key audiences right now, let’s talk today! Cookies and coffee on me. Email me at [email protected] and meet me over at ruddresources.net or @ruddresources to learn more about the firm’s capabilities and clients.


I have a question: I entered spaces to make separate lines on my headline, but my profile at-a-glance, doesn't align properly. Does it look weird? Otherwise, there are words that hang in full profile version.


Kamaca Champion updating LinkedIn profile - image 2 - student project