Kalligraphos | Skillshare Projects


For my friends Billie and Zat's new baby girl Layla Marlow :) 

diligence with my characters + finally capturing some of my favourite quotes.. was going for a dipped in a honey pot look..

I find the best way to practice a bunch of text, is to keep writing my favourite quotes of Van Gogh is my favourite painter of all time and this quote always makes me smile:) 

Trying to compose the alphabet, also using all my new inks. I think I am an ink-addict, I'm a ink-ddicted :) Winsor & Newton you've changed my life! (sucker for quaint packaging)  

Love is all you need! With some love and care, I painstakingly wrote this after a couple of attempts! 

Made my time count today:) it was a repetitive motion of numbers practice!

trying to perfect each alphabet and do it just like Molly! 

I started just like everyone else with the practice strokes :) i find myself becoming a little addicted to this, i look forward to the ink and paper each day!


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