KalkBay - South Africa

Street vendor – selling flowers made with beads and wire and chickens made with plastic packets , took this on the way home from work.

Fishermen boarding their boat before heading out , I liked the calmness and the patience of the old guy on the pier about to step on the boat, waiting for the swell to bring it closer. They were loading kit on the boat and getting ready to head out to sea.

Got up early on Saturday to head out to Kalk Bay Harbour as there are always fishermen and wanted to catch the sunrise - Fisherman on the Pier – early morning with the moist sea air

I chatted to these fishermen , they had been at the pier since 11:30pm the previous evening , this was now 5:30am Saturday morning with the sun rising and they had had no bites during the night , as it got light we could see why , there were seals swimming in front of them ,so they ended up throwing their bait into the sea and feeding the seals.


Thought I would add this picture , not your usual city portrait , but on the way home after taking the photos in the harbor , I came across two male baboons, walking in a trench , I stopped my car , but they continued walking , weren’t fazed at all – they were heading out to find food - I liked the way he just glanced at me .

The males have tags on their ears and are monitored as they have a tendency to cause a nuisance around people and can be very dangerous. 

In the process of making a Spitfire out of wire and beads - pretty industrious.

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