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Kahula's Translation of This Project.

Project For "What Is A Game'

First off, I suprisingly found this very interesting. I wasn't sure I would but, I did. This class is a good one for those who are Newbie's or for those who have been designing for years. Perhaps even good for letting others do, just to help them understand what you do, if this is your occupation. Below please find my responses to this Lesson. Thanks for taking the time to add this workshop. ~Kahula

1.) Compile a list of things you most associate with games.

- Graphics

- Compulsive / Interactive play.

- Fun twists waiting around any corner.

- excitement.

- levels.

- goals.

- rewards for good play.

2.) Compile a list of the things that seperate computer games from other forms of media. (In this case I chose to compile a list of things that seperate digital games from board games. 

- One person can play alone.

- Digital games contain graphics.

- Digital games are much more challanging and complicated.

- With some Digital games you can play against people all over the world. 

- In some cases Digital games can fit right in your pocket.

- In some Digital Games you can create an avitar or character. 

3.) Compile a list of your top 10 favorite games and why...

- Scrabble : Because, I love games that combine stradegy and learning together. 

- Yatzee :Because, they took something as simple as dice and developed a complete game out of it, just by adding a piece of paper that contained goals people already knew from playing cards. 

- Pacman : Because it was one of the 80's great Video Games. Although the game itself was very easy they added enough elements to make it exciting. Fruit, ghosts, power pellets etc. and then rewarded you when you completed a number of levels with "Acts".

- World Of Warcraft : O.k. now this is one of my all time favorites. So much so, that I am unsure where to start. The graphics are amazing. So much so, that your mind is easily sucked into as an existing world. There is endless interaction between players as well as between yourself and avitars in the game itself. I love being able to own things as well as being able to fly or mount to a different world if you get tired of the place your in. You have the ability to just go someplace new if you get tired of where you are. Not to mention the fact that it offers a wide variety of elements to keep the player busy at all times. 

- Candy Crush : I like this game for a reason that most may not consider, it's simplicity. I can play this game when I'm falling asleep at night and it don't wake me anymore than I already am. I love the fact that it's very fun and takes very little brain power. 

- Any Puzzle : Because it can be done by one or many players and is fun for all age groups. 

Once again Thank You for taking the time t offer up this class. ~ Kahula


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