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Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"

I chose Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" for my drop cap project because it has always had an impact on me, emotionally. Although the novella makes me feel sad for Gregor, it's really easy to get into the story thanks to Kafka's use of themes and imagery.

Here are some of my notes from brain-storming:

Originally I completed an illustration of an "M" (font used as outline is Times New Roman) in the style of a gilded frame (after the framed image of the woman in furs in the story):

...but I'm not really sure about this one anymore. I feel like it just doesn't convey the sadness in the story. It seems almost too happy? Does that make sense?

Here are two other ideas that I'm toying with. The first is supposed to depict Gregor's enchantment when Grete (Gregor's sister) is playing the violin, with just Gregor's antennae peaking out of his room (so far this one is my favourite):

And this one is an "M" composed of two open doors (my least favourite):

Here's another idea that I just sketched out. It sort of looks like open doors to me. I like the harshness that is developing on the corners of the M. It feels like it echoes the families attitude towards Gregor:

Any thoughts, feedback or suggestions are welcomed! :)

So I have been working to develop the drawing immediately above. It's difficult because if I see the door in the negative space, with the right stem of the M as the darkness in Gregor's room, the perspective of the door is off.

I finally had to deal with the fact that it wasn't going to be "perfect", and this is where I am now:

I'm not sure that it's so easy to see as an "M"...thoughts?


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