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Kafka on the Shore


This will be my process for hand lettering the title of one of my favorite books, Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.


Associated word list

In case you can't read my writing... :)

  • fantasy
  • magic
  • is it real
  • fishes
  • cats
  • engravings
  • Franz Kafka
  • ocean painting
  • classical music
  • moon
  • whisky
  • japan
  • painting
  • memories
  • dreamy
  • quest
  • adventure
  • library
  • classic


For this project, I'm feeling inspired by the dreamy and magical imagery and scenes in the novel and also by the classical references that the characters make to artworks, buildings, institutions, music, etc.

The visual imagery/inspiration that makes the most sense to me are woodcut/engraving pieces because they have those classic bones/feel, but to mix it with whimiscal and fantastical details and colors. I'm also drawn to the idea of making it look like an old school movie poster. I made a Pinterest board to collect the imagery!


Lettering Warm Up


The moodboard was really crucial for me at this stage. I refered back to it a lot for inspiration!



Sketching it out. I decided on how I wanted to letter the "Kafka on the" pretty quickly, but it took me awhile to decide the style and composition of "Shore". These were my top two layouts:



And then also different type treatments of the "Shore"

(^ that ultimately did not get used, but I thought it was a cool concept for a literal "shore" as it could be like grains of sand)

JAN 10

Refinement of the Sketch and addition of illustrations

Check out my sweet "light table"  (below) :)

and finally.... FINAL INKING!

I still see some flaws that I would like to fix, so I might re-draw one more time once my neck stops hurting ;)


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