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Kadri Siiroja

Lettering artist | NYC



Kadri - personal logo

Hello Matthew and fellow students!

Here is my brush lettering logo process step by step. I really enjoyed the class and the process! Thanks Matt!

1) Writing my name with a brush and choosing the letters I like the most



2) Scanning the letters and organizing them in Photoshop (I printed it out and took a photo)


3) Tracing and inking


4) Vector machine



My Bezier handles are not really horizontal and vertical, I need more practice I guess :) And if somebody knows how to show all the handles and anchor points without the bounding box, feel free to let me know :)

5) I was pretty happy with my vectorizing, but flipping the background black really helped me to see the inconsistencies and see how much work there was to be done. I worked on the stroke of letter a and I felt like letter i should be longer. I also tweaked the thicknesses of all the letters and I could really see huge improvement.


And the final logo - 


UPDATE 8/26/2015

It’s absolutely true what Matt said that it’s good to leave the design be and come back later with a fresh eye. I printed out my design today (which is also good way to really study the mistakes of the design) and I saw right away that when I checked the down stroke thicknesses yesterday, I didn’t really check the thins. I tried to make the A and D upstrokes as thin as the R upstroke on the original design and I also made the R upstroke with the same thickness as the A and D. I hope you get what I mean :) I think I like the thinner upstrokes better - more contrast. What do you think?

Thinner upstrokes:


And thicker upstrokes:



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