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The film opens with a top shot of a jigsaw puzzle of the world map. It looks very neatly put together. Every piece fits into its adjacent piece and the picture looks perfect. Slowly these pieces start to separate and move away in different directions. With blues and greens of the world map still painted on their backs we follow a few of these pieces in their journey. Its now that we realise that these pieces are actually a colony of turtles. We now see them moving around, plodding over sand dunes, swimming into the sea, munching onto sea grass etc. We have a few pieces popping their heads out of water and head bobbing making cute turtle sounds. Some jigsaws dig pits in sand [their nests] and lay their eggs, few tiny jigsaw puzzles [hatchlings] emerge from the sand below. All of this will be in brief just to establish the life of turtles. 

Then we have a shot where dark slimy liquid [oil] flows into the clear blue waters. We could probably introduce this element through a shot where two jigsaw puzzles are getting cozy or are having a great time swimming around doing sommersaults and back flips in water and racing away etc when they suddenly encounter this oil spill and panick. Top shot of jigsaws panicking and making their way out of the oil spill, gasping for breath etc.

To be continued ... 


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