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Kaaterskill Falls

I finally got out to a place I've been wanting to get to since the summer.  They're the tallest falls in New York State, and I'm glad I got here in the winter. 

They're named Kaaterskill Falls, and are located in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  In the early 1800s, a school of artists were so awed by the features of the Hudson Valley that they regulary returned to paint scenes from this area. One of the more well known artists was Thomas Cole. 

After seeing the paintings, I made the trek out last Saturday afternoon.  It was 9 degrees and windy out.  I strapped on some ice cleats, threw on my pack and headed down the trail.  I got there later than I hoped I would, but it made waiting for sunset easier in the bitter cold.  

I didn't pass a soul along the way.  After arriving, I set up my tripd to keep my pack off the ground and just took it in for a while.  Chris' tips of scoping out the area were extremely helpful.  I find that when I come upon a location, I begin shooting right away. And though light is fleeting, it really helped to just slow down this time and take in the scene, and think my shots through. 

I heard some voices and soon behind me a group of three walked up.  They wasted no time in walking right up to the frozen falls, and I was lucky to snap a shot with one of them in the frame for scale. This guy had no fear and climbed up the slippery ice on the side of the falls so that he could reach the second level. 

They hung around for a while before they turned back to leave me the last one left.  I sat there till sunset just taking it in. When I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, I packed up, grabbed my flashlight, and headed back out. 

Thanks for the inspiration Chris!

For now, here's one photo to fill my Sunset category. 


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