KOBE - student project

This project was my first stab at digital art. I have to say, I enjoyed the process and step-by-step instruction. Although I might have gotten away a bit from the prompt and was a bit inconsistent with my style.

I chose Kobe Bryant as a subject since he was such an inspiration to me.


Set 1 are objects and memorabilia representing him.

I tried to convey each texture accordingly. The glossy texture of the trophies was the most challenging--I don't think I captured it as good as I want it to be.

KOBE - image 1 - student project

On Set 2, rather than abstract scenes, I drew iconic moments and habits in his career.

KOBE - image 2 - student project

I had a better grasp of the medium on this set but I think the drawing style didn't align with my first set. I'd love it if I can get some constructive criticism to improve my style and drawing.

I really enjoy the spot illustrations around here, and it is truly inspiring to start learning this. Thank you, Tom and everyone for sharing!