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"KLTV3D" - Taking advantage of 3d visuals

My name is Cory Collins, I own a clothing brand called The Highsleys Clothing. check us out at:


Recently, while trying to figure out how to one up the idea of visual marketing, I stumbled upon this class. It gave me the tools I needed to figure out how to come up with an idea.

My idea is specifically for Karmaloop, and is called Karmaloop TV 3D ("KLTV3D"). The idea here is to take all of the visual marketing that KL does and to blend that with something popular, 3D. To do this, this plan requires a bit of an investment. The cost of a 3D camera and custom 3D glasses with KL Vision(?) printed on the side is required, and additionally the cost of shipping these items to customers with orders. Shooting in 3D will take KL to the next level visually and will attract a broad market, as these glasses are re-usable and can be used in theaters. 



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