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KL Corner Store - Local and Vintage Streetgear finds just around the Loop -

Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Marie "Phoenix" and I am a Professional Social Media Strategist, Lifestyle Blogger, and Assistant Manager of a Vintage Consignment Store [It may sound like a lot, but you have to be a Jill of all Trades to live the #LoopLife in NYC].

 As you can tell, I love local and vintage finds based on the recent above pictured throwback Wrangler denim jacket, an I love mustaches tank I found locally, fanny pack, 1950s pleated skirt, and contemporary sandals.

- Old meets New -

Why Am I Taking This Course?

The primary purpose of me taking this class beyond having a non-traditional way of continuing my marketing education was to pitch my "KL Corner Store" [#KLCornerStore] concept to Karmaloop! As of October 18th, 2013 I have been developing this concept for one month.



The “KL Corner Store”

- Local and Vintage Streetgear Finds Just Around the Loop -


The "KL Corner Store" Synopsis:

I love the Kazbah division of Karmaloop [KL] because it gives emerging designers the opportunity to have their space to shine in the KL family, but I'd love to see the concept be taken a step further by individuals being given the power to have a distinct home on KL too!


International Experience that Inspired the “KL Corner Store”:

I am a New Yorker who has traveled extensively to other metropolitan cities domestically and abroad. No matter what the destination is, there always manages to be a corner store nearby where I can get all of my essentials that just can't wait until I make my rounds to a big box store. I use this philosophy when I am shopping. I often go to local shops, consignment boutiques, and thrift shops instead of major retail chains to find the best local deals and hard to find vintage fashion. This international experience is what I would love to help translate and promote via a "KL Corner Store".

 Photo Credit: Cartegena, Colombia, 2010 - Se Vende (a man standing outside of the corner store at night in the streets of the old city of Cartagena, Colombia) Street Photography by Alan Horsager

How would this make money?

“KL Corner Store” would empower Karmaloop customers who are not boutique owners to post local and vintage items from their closet [via specific listing and quantity guidelines] for sale for free in a Karmaloop sponsored marketplace. The user would be responsible for posting guideline friendly pictures and timely shipment. Since they are using the Karmaloop platform, there will be a commission payment upon each sale and to maintain brand integrity there will be a rating system. This commission fee would be approximately half or less of what stores are subject to on the brother site Kazbah [35%] since this is driven by individuals.

Secondhand [Thift, Resale, and Consignment] Shopping by the Nummbers:

25,000: Estimated number of U.S. "used merchandise" stores, including thrift, resale and consignment shops.

$13 billion: Annual revenue of resale stores, which includes sales of apparel, furniture, books and jewelry.

18.9 percent: Number of U.S. adults who said they've shopped at a thrift store in last year.

Sources: First Research; America's Research Group; Association of Resale Professionals

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/07/28/5599990/frugal-fashion-secondhand-shops.html#storylink=cpy


The individuals who would be targeted by the roll out of the "KL Corner Store" would be the following:

  • Existing and/or former Karmaloop customers who have taken pictures in each of their latest KL gear five different ways upon wear and are trying to figure out what to do with that outfit and/or accessory next!
  • Consumers who have yet to become Karmaloop customers; however have visited digital or in-person marketplaces for good deals on local re-sale apparel and vintage gear that often doesn't fit their streetstyle aesthetic [i.e. exclusively couture vintage, a maze of uncategorized general thrift finds, too brand specific, hipster chic yet not streets is watching friendly, etc.]
  • The growing demographic of young and trendy parents who are looking for value yet also to find gear for their children in the same places that they shop [which can begin to be addressed through the upcoming #KLkids initiative in this pitch*]
  • Anyone who is trying to make a little bit of money for themselves [or for charity**] from their streetgear via a platform that is the mecca for streetgear


Preliminary Promotion Concepts with Web 2.0 Integration:

- Promo Concept I -

In terms of promotions, a series of promos come to mind. In particular, one promo involves Karmaloop's greatest asset, the Rep Team! The concept involving the Rep Team would be piloting the "KL Corner Store" concept by sending them exclusive newsletter email and social media invitations to be the first individuals to post their gently used Karmaloop apparel [i.e. Crooks and Castle Ts, Reebok kicks, etc.], and vintage streetgear [i.e. used 1990s Polo collectibles, throwback jerseys, distressed denim jumpers, camouflage jackets, functional GameBoy, etc. - see pictured throwback 90s fashion collage as a micro example of one steetgear fashion era -]. During this pilot period, Reps who create "KL Corner Store" accounts will receive twice the amount of earned points. It creates a win-win scenario because it generates a merchandise base for the site prior to launching to the public and provides further incentive for the Reps to promote their code after posting to make the most of the incentive bonus!

 "...the meaning behind the style remains the same as it was intended, back in the days of Run DMC. Snap-back caps, beanie hats and trainers are now just as important, if not more so, than jewellery to complete the look; as the emphasis is on expressing uniqueness..." - An article on the evolution of urban fashion trens and the influence of Hip-Hop in the Fashion Industry by MacsMagazine Lifestyle Blogazine

- Promo Concept II -

Upon launch, an initiative that could tie well into the "KL Corner Store" concept is a promotion called #KLcashInMyCloset. This would be an initiative where people would be promoted to take a before listing picture [of the back, top, or bottom of their closet where their old gear is] to have it customized for social media. Each person would be able to upload that picture into a meme creator on the new KL site and receive a digital Polaroid picture that has "I've found #KLcashInMyCloset!" in a large font across it along with "- Come around the loop to KLCornerStore.com to see the items that I have on sale today -" across the bottom in a small font. An initiative of this nature would welcome individual sellers to feel a part of the brand and further reinforce the supportive aspect of posting on a brand affiliated platform.


- Promo Concept III -

Another concept that I had in mind was having a "KL Kids" [#KLkids] section of the "KL Corner Store". Hopefully, yet ultimately, a "KL Kids" section in the Karmaloop store as a whole can exist so that the little moguls of Karmaloop parents can be reflected on the site too. The initial promotion in the lead up to debuting "KL Kids", whether for "KL Corner Store" or Karmaloop as a whole, would be an Instagram contest in which people post their kid in an item they purchased for themselves that ended up looking doper on their kid [i.e. their snapback hat, hair accessory, jewelry accessory, the mini pouch of their Sprayground bookbag, etc.]. The winner would then get rewarded with a free promoted listing on the "KL Corner Store", Karma points if they are a Rep, etc...! This would be a fresh approach since no other urban brand is catering across generations on an international scale like Karmaloop has the capacity to.


- Promo Concept IV -

 A fourth, yet major promotional concept that I had in mind was leveraging existing and new celebrity partnerships to auction off some of their favorite streetgear for charity on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis! In particular, a teaser ad that could be marketed is "Guess which celebrities have recently come around the loop to the "KL Corner Store" to drop off some of their favorite throwbacks? All proceeds from these sales will go to the *insert a foundation tied to the corresponding upcoming awareness day, month, or event anniversary* so head to the corner today!" This promotional concept can provide a built in model for Karmaloop to pay it forward in style [literally and figuratively].


How long will this process take?

The initial roll-out for the “KL Corner Store” would only take one quarter, preferably with a soft launch during the tail end of October, a hard launch during the kickoff of November and a campaign run through to January of the New Year.


How many staff members will this require?

This project would solely require a project manager, such as me along with the collaboration of the:

  • Karmaloop web developer to create a dedicated user based platform with enhanced functionality mirroring that of various features currently leveraged with the Kazbah design
  • administrator that manages rep relations to facilitate a pilot towards the development of the marketplace via Promotion I with the Karmaloop rep team in select markets 
  • marketing team to develop niche campaigns such as Promotion II, III, and more throughout the duration of the quarter to continue cultivating the “KL Corner Store” marketplace variety, awareness, sales, end user submissions, and customer engagement
  • business development team to drive new leads to this new subdivision of Karmaloop through strategic SEO, advertisements, and lead generation strategies


What type of budget will this require?

This would require a minimal budget, due to the fact that this concept:

  • does not require physical additions to inventory since all of the products will be submitted by end users directly
  • is leveraging existing staff along with the addition of one project manager as a 1099 contractor with the potential to go perm depending on campaign goal attainment
  • does not require sub-contractors to fulfill the creation of the division
  • would merely require an increase in marketing budget beyond the traditional holiday allocation to accommodate for the creation, development, and management of this new division


Open Source Feedback Invitation:

I have done research, gone through the remainder of the course tips, and begun to flesh out support promotions for this concept over this past month since my initial project submission; however I am still open to further feedback.



Peace, Love, and Light,

Li (Phoenix)


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