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KILL and EAT your CAT?

Would you agree that we live in a world driven primarily by how people think? Our thinking (thoughts, beliefs, reasoning...) lead to our habits and actions, and thus have direct and indirect affects on other people, animals and our environment.

Because I care deeply and consider humans to be both the cause and the solution to our - people animals and environmental - problems, it is my intention for blogging to be one of my tools to educate, inspire and have people rethink their thinking and improve their habits as they seem necessary.

Food is a BIG part of our life. As you probably already know, our food consumption and choices is having a very detrimental affect on humans, animals and our environment. Ever since I was a child I have always been confused about and questioned why people chose to kill and eat only a few animals/species (primarily cows, chickens and pigs) and have caring, loving and very protective relationships with only a select few types of animals/species (primarily cats and dogs). I have also wondered why these animals are treated completely different in different locations and cultures around our world. For instance in India the cow is considered sacred and not to be eaten and in many Asian countries dogs are eaten.

Have you ever:

1) thought deeply and studied the affects of your food choices/preferences beyond your personal enjoyment and taste considerations? Air, water, plants, land/soil, workers...

2) thought about or visited places that make your food? Like a cereal factory or an animal slaughter house.

3) wondered about the animals you eat, how they are chosen, 'grown', treated, and why you eat some and refuse to eat other types of animals?

As you think more deeply and question your habits and actions, you may want to or have already considered if they are consistent, congruent, in alignment with your values and ethics.

If you find that one of your habits and/or actions is not consistent, congruent, in alignment with your values and ethics, how do you justify or react?

I am aware that people can be 'very' protective about thier food choices... 
Please note that I have not dicussed my diet choices or asked you to change your diet - in any way. I am simply wishing to dialog about your thoughts and considerations about your diet and food choices.


I just learned to follow this format today and I tried to follow it to structure this blog.


Do you have a structure you follow?


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