KIFARU Black /// Ugandan Waragi

KIFARU Black /// Ugandan Waragi - student project

Originally being a joke with siblings & cousins, we brainstormed on get-rich-quick schemes that we could come up with in our home country of Uganda...all roads led to liquor...Either hard liquor, or beer/ale/brew...  I then chose to go with a liquor native to Uganda...WARAGI (comes from a mispronunciation of imported British "war gin" during World War II). Much of it is brewed in people's homes, which also makes it dangerous (impurities in it have been known to be fatal, and literally make people go blind)...  There has only been one real brand that has been successful, Ugandan Waragi... My goal is to create a new alternative... A new premier brand that will celebrate Uganda's nightlife culture with a bit more class...

"How do you convince a country of people who can brew their own that YOURS is worth drinking?"  We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but for now I'd like to start with it's branding.