KELVIN WAMBUGU - student project

Hello World!

I am truly glad I came across this training on YouTube success. I feel that it have truly impacted positively on how I viewed the online platforms in general and how much time i have wasted telling myself that I have TIME which I apparently don't.

The think that I did come to realize though is that "If you want to start a YouTube channel, start NOW" and grow  through the process rather than procrastinating and telling yourself you are not yet confident enough or you still are unsure of the content. We learn through our mistakes and of course nobody is perfect in the beginning or even afterwards, but we improve with practice.

I started my YouTube channel on April 2020 with my Name as the Channel name. Basically I will be doing food videos, Travel videos and Lifestyle. eventually i will be looking to separate all 3 of these into different channels depending on how good they will be doing. Here is the link to my channel and a screenshot of the outlook.


KELVIN WAMBUGU - image 1 - student project