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My brand is called KDMR, which is an abbreviation of our Slogan, "Keep Dreaming. Make Reality." KDMR has origins as a Record Label and Management Company, but will also be growing to include a line of motivational t-shirts featuring logo, slogan, and various taglines/phrases.


The mission of KDMR is create a world where every human being is able to live out their dreams through passion, hard work and dedication.

The Logo: 


The primary visual representation of KDMR is a Bridge. Bridges are normally very high in the air, usually rise above a very scary picture, and often do not feel stable. If you fall off a bridge, it is almost certainly to your death. But if you don't cross it, you're doomed to never reach your destination. By just moving forward, you'll eventually reach your goal. You'll also realize that bridge was a lot more stable than you thought.


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