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Kristoffer Daniels

Graphic Designer



KCD Haberdasher

KCD Haberdasher comes from an idea I've wanted to put together for about 2 years now...

Once upon a time, there was a young man who had always had an interest in dressing nice and knowing the rules of classic men's style, and when to break them to fit your own personality. He wanted to create a place in which likeminded men could come to find well fitting suits and notions that can either blend in or provide that pop of personality they are looking for. From classic hats to crook ended umbrellas, enough pocket squares and ties to circle the globe, and the suits that anchor a gentlemen's wardrobe...this place has it all. Taking it a step further is the second story library - with shelves stocked end to end with books related to style and design, cars, classic literature - and the most comfortable chesterfield sofas and chairs you can think of. - That is KCD Haberdasher.

The design inside of the building would be that of a bespoke suitmaker's on Savile Row, or Brooks Brothers,  dark wood trim and shelving and leather appointments with wood floors and giant rugs. A fireplace upstairs. In my mood board you notice a circular door (above the sunglasses) - that is similar to what the front door would look like, only it'd be a bit taller. And out front on the ground in marble, and hand carved into a sign would be the logo of what is created in this project.

While the placement for this project is the label sewn into suits/sweaters/dress shirts/hats - that will carry over to all aspects of the company - printed on boxes, signage, correspondance, etc.

The style of the logo evokes the storied past of the interior, yes it's new but it feels old - not unapproachable old, but well established old. As more interest is developed by many young men in dressing themselves better, more classically, and with a touch of their personality - it remains important that the design doesn't scare them away by making it feel old and forgotten.

I can't wait to interact with you and hear your thoughts!

Thank you,


Here is my moodboard:



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