KC Nativity


Hello, getting started on this, step by step. I want to try a nativity. I want to have Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, lambs and three kings in mine, in reference to when the kings visited baby Jesus and were overjoyed. 

12/16 Looked through Pinterest at Nativity scenes. I like the ones where Mary and Joseph appear to be leaning over in wonder into the manger. I also like the hand positions of their heart or in clasped prayer hands. 

Looked up pictures of men kneeling to get an idea of a rear view of someone worship.

Finished really rough sketches. Have to figure out how to draw the robes. I think I like the idea of each king doing something different

KC Nativity - image 1 - student projectKC Nativity - image 2 - student project12/17 trying the cutout technique...I think I’m ready to quit. This has taken me all morning! I think it is challenging because I’m trying to understand the gestures and how add the kings without taking away from the focus on the baby Jesus. Very tricky to figure out foreground and background and yet be simple

KC Nativity - image 3 - student project

Next draft sketch, I sketched based on the cutouts to the right. The king with his hand raised I changed. I really wanted to show praise, but it looked out of place. So I added an outstretched arm to the foreground kneeling king

KC Nativity - image 4 - student project