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Tommie Ellis





Who am I?      

Tommie Ellis

     I am a product of the world, able to do anything I set out to do. Designer, Artist, Family man, Friend, Blogger,  Marketing, Trendsetter, and big on R&D.  Been on my own since 14 years old.  Selfmade at 21 years old, meaning I put my self through high school, college, obtained my own place, and got to this place I am at today.Blogger for UBEENJACKED.NET for DJ-Jacktharipper Shade45, I design for Social Status, Jiberish, My own line Lasers&Love and various brands around the net. I put 500% into everything I set out to do to make sure the outcome is what I want it to be. Never let no one tell you that you can't do something if you have the idea in your head push towards it til you make it to the promise land!


General Idea

      With KARMA – CON I want to be able to create a segment on karmaloop TV where we can do a brand spot light for companies but also artists and other big names. Go in and ask about what influenced their brand, what comic/cartoon character would they most like to be, and ask them to act out a part their character is known for. Also get interactive on social media, with twitter and instagram have the person being interviewed tweet clues about their favorite character and have the viewer’s guess who it is so when the next show airs the winner from twitter with be announced and they can win promo codes or merchandise. Cut aways from the interview can be filled with our host asking people on the streets about thier favorite comic/cartoon character and have fun with them. 

       We have Vine taking off as one the leading social networks for people to be on, so we can do contest and tweet our followers to give thier best 6 second impression of the character we tweet about for them to have a chance to win prizes, codes, or have thier vine aired in the next episode of KARMA-CON! This gives our viewers another great incentive to take part in the show and know that they are valued with Karmaloop.

     The whole comic concept is going back to where it all started for a lot of companies and artists out there. They will have fun with this type of interview because it will bring back some nostalgia to them. Many people in the past two generations were inspired and influenced by what cartoons and comics they watched/read as a kid. The viewers will get a sense of connection with the person on the other side of the screen knowing that they liked the same thing growing up. It’s an unorthodox yet fun and interactive idea that can generate more people heading to Karmaloop to take part in purchasing merchandise as well as interact with people they look up too. As the interviews go by we can dress up thehost as some iconic characters to give the interview more of a sense of fun.

Target Market

  • Ages 12 - 35
  • People from all around the world
  • Anyone who loves the arts ( fashion, music, dance, art, TV, Comics, design)
  • All Races
  • All Genders
  • Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Facebook, and Vine users
  • Trendsetters and Sneakerheads


  • The segment would run about 4-5 minutes
  • 7 Episode series
  • Would require a camera crew
  • Reserch and Development on the person being interviewed
  • KARMA – CON Twitter account (smart phone or iPad to interact with viewers)
  • The budget would cover Camera crew and hosts payment, costume (if used), prizes for veiwers, and travel expenses.


       With word of mouth and the viewer’s online the live online segment with bring to the site to generate more business, Karma Con has limitless potential due to the fact that we can go anywhere we want with this concept. Creating more revenue by branching KLP out to do Collaborations with comic companies, writers, graphic artists and the creators of timeless cartoons and TV shows we all love. Building relationships with these types of professionals will open doors for Karma Con to venture further into the world of comics and TV (maybe even sponsoring a Comic Con event). This will bring more people to the vast world of Karmaloop. In the long run gaining more customers, followers, fans, relationships, and of course more revenue (since this is in fact a business).

       Discount codes given out during the show will bring more sales to the site as well as more followers to join the Karmaloop family. Giving out about 1-2 discounts codes a show with translate to a nice a weekly amount of money to the site. 




Market for Comics and Characters 


Perfect Fit For KARMALOOP-TV

       The title of this Class is "Make Your Mark: Unorthodox Marketing Strategies," if this is not an Unorthodox Strategy I don’t know what is. KARMA-CON is able to work on so many levels and relate to the current and to open up a door to new potential KARMALOOP followers and customers. KARMA-CON has the right image, aesthetic, context, and level of potential to work with the Karmaloop family to bring entertainment and nostalgia to the company. There were a few people that have been telling me that this is a great idea but not for Karmaloop because people that shop on the site never read comics or watched cartoons. I then let them know that the company has worked with the Boston Ballet, and it turned into something crazy that’s people still remember! Thank you again for the chance to turn my Marketing Strategy into a reality!

-Tommie Ellis

              -Twitter: @tommielasers                                                                                                                                             -IG: @tommielasers


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