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KAN WAKAN - Forever Found

For this project I went with Kan Wakan, an emerging Los Angeles-based group formed in early 2012. Once I heard “Forever Found”, I was hooked. “Vocalist Kristianne Bautista weaves bittersweet melodies through an intricate forest of instrumental orchestration… The result is a cinematic and oddly danceable bricolage of soul, americana, textural post-rock, ambient psychedelia, and western romanticism.”

Listening to the music I felt all these words come into my head: soft, earthy, mysterious, romantic, dark, peaceful, psychedelic, nature, solace, night, stars, darkness.

The lyrics had an interesting part that stood out to me; a line that said: “Oh brother said, You're wired up in red thread, a distant lover on a string. Its light, light enough. Don't look below the ground is gone.”

Immediately I thought of a female character, alone, on a journey. Perhaps in a forest or somewhere where there was stars/moonlight… maybe something even futiristic?

I started sketching mostly focused on the forest theme:

Then the sketch with the globe starting becoming more interesting and had a sort of "little Prince" feeling to it. I felt the outcome would be even more interesting and decided to move forward with that theme.

I brought the sketch into Illustrator, turned into vector art and applied my colors from my color pallete:

Then the magic began and I brought it into Photoshop to apply all the shadows, highlights, and textures. I kept going back to the video to see how things were done and played around with things A LOT. Here is the final outcome:


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