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K dropcap Herman Koch - Dinner

Dinner by Herman Koch

Should genetically evil children be born? When you're pregnant with the child which has a good chance to become a destroyer (a killer) - would you keep him? Would you tell your spouse? A mother in the book decides to have this child, not cunsulting her spouse and later on does everything to protect her boy from the outcomes of a murder he's been a part of.

My brainstorming revolved around the following subjects:
- family secrets
- family tree
- bad genetics
- restaurant dinner (compositional device for the book plot)
- accidentally spied phone message of beloved one
- dutch still life paintings (auther is Dutch, still life paintings were to transmit the message of caducity of material life but in fact were a sort of vanity fair for bourgeois rushing to brag about their lifestyle of golden goblets, just discovered exotic fruits etc)

My first sketches, dealing with K composed of food, K on plate and K on mobile phone screen with "1 new message" sign in the upper left corner

Draft version N2.
I felt like there was too much stuff in my first version, so I went from K+plate idea to this one, depicting formal restaurant dinner in a more subtle way.

Refined draft #2

I still feel that my initial ideas were too blunt and straight-forward. So I decided to stay minimal: this letter cut in halves has some symbolic connection with the story (father - son, man - wife) and bow tie embraces dinner theme and hypocricy theme altogether. May be not the most spectacular solution you ever saw, but I don't want to add stuff for the sake of mere decoration.


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