Juxtapostion Of Black And White

Juxtapostion Of Black And White   - student project


1. Seamless Backdrop

2. V-Flat (2)

3. Alien Bee B800 (1)

4. Softbox (1)

5. C- Stand With Boom

6. Canon Rebel T3I

7. Canon 24- 105mm 1:4 L

Lighting Setup : The subject was standing on black seamless backdrop, with two V-flats (black side) face the subject. This project was done in studio, I used a alien bee B800 with a softbox (front diffuser on),  on a boom stand placed six feet away from the subject at shoulder height pointing slightly downwards; Creating the "Butterfly Lighting". (Cover Image : Butterfly Lighting) (Image Below: Same Butterfly Lighting setup, model head tilted to camera left and position directly up to the light). 

- DB

Damian Brown Is a Fashion Photographer based in New York.

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Juxtapostion Of Black And White   - image 1 - student project

Damian Brown
Photographer, New York Based