Juxtaposition assignment 1

Juxtaposition assignment 1 - student project

I have been struggling to come up with some idea for art prints so I though this is the perfect time to use this! Albeit the out is an art print its really helped me consider the content in a totally different way! I still have a way to go though but I enjoyed the process!

I will definitely do a couple of these



Passion: Designing Art Prints for Peoples homes

Random Word: “Fragment”



  1. Use a fragment of glass as a Star as the focal point in a poster design which reflects light 
  2. Smash a mirror and recombine each fragment and shard into a new broken mirror image
  3. Draw random interlocking shapes one-by-one to create a fragmented poster
  4. Design 5 posters and then slice and combine them with each other to create a set of interlinked prints
  5. Take a light bulb smash it and use most of it glued back together to create a rebuilt light bold - a symbol of rebuilding ones self from hard times
  6. Using the metaphor of the brain - position different images of memories onto one 1 page joined by one thought
  7. Use a fragment of glass and shine a light through and draw the reflections
  8. Produce a large print with a huge rock with with a small part broken off
  9. A pizza cut into slices but of unequal portions wit one being particularly small and fragment like
  10. A grey background with tiny golf leaf fragments draped across the surface
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