Juxtaposition, Lotus Blossom & Problem Tree

Juxtaposition, Lotus Blossom & Problem Tree - student project

I went IN on the lotus blossom. I was brainstorming doable adventures with others and myself. 

For juxtaposition, I chose "drawing," and the internet chose "export." I got a little off track here, but I like that for me.

I used the issue for my problem tree: there are so many things I'd rather be doing! This refers to all of the things I have to do (school, mainly) and my many hobbies. I had a bit of a crisis during this, which I'll take as a sign of good brainstorming.

The worksheet:

I will probably use lotus blossom the most because it turns out my brain works well with it!

I adapted Juxtaposition for myself by allowing myself to get a little off track.

I don't really work in one place, but I carry art supplies and my computer everywhere, so I'm ready when inspiration strikes.