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Justin's projects

Week Three: Playable Game

Awwww... BREAKOUT!

This was so much fun to make, I can hardly believe it.  

Week Three Project: Space Out


Week Two: Motion and Sound

I'm a fan of atmospheric puzzle games like Riven, where the player observes their environment to pick up clues about how to proceed.

For this scene there isn't much for the player to solve, but there's an unusual setting with an underlying logic to observe.  Audio is a big part of this so please listen to it if you can.

Week Two project: Bell Chamber

The bells sound at random intervals, so no two runs of the scene will be exactly the same.

Note: I did the sound design with my trusty synthesizer :D


Week One: Simple Scene

I joined this class late so I'm hurrying to catch up.  It helps that Unity is layed out a lot like 3D modelling programs like 3DS MAX that I have worked with a little bit before.

I downloaded a robot model (very cool and poseable), the ubiquitous fighter jet model, and a terrain model.  I couldn't figure out how to get a grasslike texture on the terrain, so it stayed white.   Maybe he's at one of the poles.

I did figure out skyboxes thanks to the videos, so at least the robot is under a bright, partially-cloudy sky.

There is some very basic three-point lighting going on in this scene as well; A directional light for the key, then two points for the fill and back lights on old robot Kyle.  I parented the lights to Kyle so that once I got him posed and lit, I could move the whole shooting match around without having to re-light every time.  I added the figher jet so the scene wouldn't look so empty.

After a bump in the right direction from classmate Eric Sexton, I managed to texture the terrain after all.  Thanks!   Now it's showing the 3-point lighting on the robot.  Ah well, onward and upward!


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