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Justine Arena: Bringing the English Learning Experience to Your Heart

I´ve always worked as an admin in the corporate America world. It was ok, but not fullfilling. But I had always thought that was my fate and I was not really able to do anything else. 

After quite few peronal losses in a short period of time, I decided to move back to my home country, Brazil. Once I arrived here, a realization: although I am Brazilian, I didn´t know what was to be an adult Brazilian living in Brazil as all my adult life was in the USA. There it was a completely lost young woman, grabbing anything that would come her way just for the shear fact that she didn´t know what do to and how she would fit it! 

In the meantime I started to take a very demanding 2 year certificate course in teaching English as a foreign language, just for fun, to be more at ease with my miserable situation. At least it was a challenge (a big one!). And then it came the offer to work as a trainee (as I didn´t have any experience in the classroom) in a binational institution. And, again, I accepted the challenge and the huge pay cut, making about $300,00 per month! 

That was the springboard that I needed to find my true calling and my true passion: to help people develp themselves while learning communicating their feelings, needs and opinions in English. The school was of utmost importance for my professional development, but it was not the place for me. 

So, I spent about an year and a half preparing myself both emotionally and financially to resign and to become my own boss. Being born and raised in a family of public servants it was no easy task! But I was bold enough to take the leap! And it worked! And I am as happy as ever! And I feel free and empowered. 

Now I teach business people. I teach who I like, who I want, and I am booked solid! Passion, focus and hard word pay off after all. :) 


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