Justin McLaughlin's take on Johnny Cupcakes. | Skillshare Projects

Justin McLaughlin's take on Johnny Cupcakes.

When I think of Johnny Cupcakes these are the brand identity thoughts that ramble through my mind. 

Pop culutre, nostalga, satire, quirky, happiness, tough yet loveable, artsy, design, creative, clean cut, gags, unordinary, weird, retro, typeography, out side of the box, family, friends and a brand that targets just about everyone as an audience and brings them together.

I have a ton of Ideas for the brand, but not sure what idea I want to be my project. My idea's are quotes from famous movies, Tattoo styles, Magic, pop culture and pop art, and  a zany idea that I don't know if it would be possible to print on a shirt. 


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