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Justice and Advocacy Team-WVUMC

There is a lot of drug addiction throughout my home state (West Virginia).  Prescription drug abuse is particualrly bad, as is meth, crack and other hard drugs.  Much of this is connected to economic hardship and cultural isolation.

I'm part of my Conference Justice and Advocacy Team and we have decided to take on this problem by encouraging churches to lift up their community.  We need a a presentation that will inspire and direct churches to be advocates for positive change in their communities.

The audience will initially be clergy in United Methodist churches throughout the Conference, which covers most of the state.  But eventually, this presentation may need to be modified to include lay persons and other community leaders (police, doctors, teachers, etc.).

Among the clergy there is a wide range of education and healthiness.  It is a very stressful profession and oftentimes, clergy can be very reluctant to take on new things.  Some of us have addiction issues of our own, which is another challenge.  

At the same time, there are churches in every community, even the smallest ones.  So we have a unique opportunity to bring about real change on this matter.  So the presentation needs to really get to THEIR heart-what's important to them and why their participation is necessary.


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