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Mike Greenwell

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Justice - New Lands (Album Cover)

I plan to create an album cover for Justice - New Lands.

This song is one of my favorites and the video that was created for it makes it that much better

A little background.
Justice is a French Electronic duo comprised of two artists, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay. Known for incorporating a strong rock and indie influence into their music. They are most well known from there track titled "D.A.N.C.E.". 

On to the concept.
Being that I grew up right on the edge of the music video era and miss the days when MTV and VH1 actually played music videos, I want to make this album cover based around the video that was produced for it. I plan to incorperate the Justice logo into the project some how and really focus on texture and color to make this album cover pop. I want to utilize a 90's neon color scheme in a tasteful way along with some hand drawn letting that fits the illustration.

Here are some shots from the video / Album cover.

Rough Sketches. 
I finnally got around to scanning some of my early concept sketches. I am still deciding on the layout. I know that I want to focus on a "Good" vs. "Evil" theme. I for sure want to get some motorcycles and eye patch action in the final cover, but that is all i have decided on at the moment.

Slightly Polished Sketch.
And I mean slightly.

Hand Lettering Rough Ideation.

Finished Sketch Ready For Photoshop.
I decided to roll with a very geometric style since the music and video feel very electronic / and gritty. I have sketches of the 3 main characters at the moment and plan to dive into the digital side of things this week. 

Here is a sketch of our hero:

First Digital Version 
Hey there! sorry i was MIA for the last few days, I have been pretty busy lately with other projects... That being said here is my first swing at a digital version of my idea. I want to add some more details to the album eventually, but I just ran out of time. I had a lot of fun with this one and plan to return to it soon. Let me know what you think! 

Digital V2: (WOAH, That was quick!)
I polished it just a tad more with some grit and lightning bolts and lightened up everything over all.

And of course all awesome albums are on vinyl:



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