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#JustOne Logo

We are developing a new movement at my church, which is also the place I work as the communications director, called Just One. We are going to empower people to 3 good things for people ( who they don't know) over the coruse of next year. 

After watching the lecture I was inspired right away. I slept and dreamt of this logo which I skteched out. In my mind the number "1" serves almost like a water mark, while the text overlaps it. Just is a script font because not everyone can write cursive and some find it challeging, in the same manner doing three nice things for one person (a complete stranger) is going to be challeging. The letter "One" is a simple san serif font because I want people to get the sense that one person is simple enough and we aren't asking you to impact a 100 lives, just one. The hashtage becasue we hope to have people share their stories via twitter and facebook (since facebook is adopting the hashtag as well). 


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