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Just the begininng...

I've been playing around with a tool calle Maperitive that let's you output maps from Open Street Map in very a very "illustrator-friendly" way...I used just a tiny amount of the data I've collected using Reporter to map against this. I had an issue importing the SGV file that I created in Mapritive into Processing, so used a PNG file instead. The res is not as sharp as I'd have liked it, but happy none-the-less! It's always nice when something that was a bit tricky produces somethign in the end!...It shows "reports" (for a few weeks), and I think I sized by the decibals recorded at the time of the report. I need to spend some time actually planning out the data to analyse, but pretty happy with this little experiment!

This was a great (re)introduction to Processing. Time now to download a csv from Reporter and start playing... 

(One thing I did notice was my file length was different...) 


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