"Just take my photo on the go," said the toddler. "I'm very busy right now!"

Oh my gosh, I learned so much in this class.  Thank you so much, Helen!

I may be a little heavy-handed on the edits -- i.e. sometimes maybe too much vibrance/saturation, color, and/or contrast.  I think I have a little trouble stopping...thinking it needs more when it maybe doesn't, and I have a hard time judging if that's the case.  But, I think my edits definitely have much more punch and depth than the flat, dull, originals.  And I'm so excited to have such a greater understanding of camera raw now!

I have three originals and their edits to show.  Sorry...I got carried away! Ha! :D

The first one I love, because it's of my daughter, son-in-law, and my sweetheart of a grandson, Liam.  Liam may possibly end up being diagnosed with autism.  If so, it sounds like it would maybe be mild, thankfully.  I love this photo where he's running away from having to sit for a photo.  I wish I had gotten all of him (his little running legs).  His parents are so easy going.  Also, they like getting family photos taken, they're not picky, and I get to practice on occasion. :D



Edit: (maybe slightly too orange, or maybe too red in their faces, but I'm not sure...)


Here is a photo of the skies above Dallas-Fort Worth's Love Field Airport last July 25th -- original, then edit: (maybe the blue is too strong in the edit...? :P )  Looking at it now, I'm wondering if cropping off part of the top on the edit (showing less of the blue sky part at the top) might look better, also.



Finally, this is a photo that I took about four years ago.  I don't know why I've always liked it, but I do.  I love the varied, plus the rustic, textures, I guess...but it definitely needed some help.  Original, followed by the edit:


I used the adjustment brush on the wood here to bring it out a little more.  I think, if I remember right, I might have lowered the highlights and the shadows a bit, and then maybe added some contrast.



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