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Just something I threw together in my living room

I have a record wall I created awhile back from old vinyl albums and singles I love from when I grew up listening to hip hop and DJing.  My girl saw a casting call that Crooks and Castles was having for a modeling gig. She owns a D40 and one night we decided to stay in and create what you see before you. The shots came out really good. But this was the best one that came about. My bad if it's a little too graphic for the site. Thanks

This photo I took awhile ago as I was looking to purchase a co workers Nikon D70. I just took a few shots in my DJ room to see what I could get out of the camera and what the whole photography thing was all about.

This photo was a straight up gift, man. I was trying to get inspiration because I had a huge blank white wall in my new condo and I wanted to fill it up with somthing. I borrowed the camera again and headed down to Downtown LA by the famous Bonaventure Hotel from the Usher video. I was walking around and came across this cop posted on lookout for what looked like a movie shoot. I thought it was dope because the cop was straight up getting his boots shined by a homeless man that offered shoe shinings. I started to shoot and the cop didn't mind. He understood the irony of the situation. The shoe shiner asked for some money and I could shoot all I wanted. I gave him $10 and this was the best shot that came out of it.

This is just another DJ room closeup shot

I really enjoyed shooting up close photoshoot type shots but I seemed to love the more non processed moment like the cop and the shoe shiner. These are the really only SLR photos I've taken so far that I feel are what I am trying to attempt as a "photographer". I love urban, culture type photography. Any input or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.



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