Just show up!

My quote: Just show up.

Emotion: Determination

The story: Over the course of my life, I have been known as the starter of many things, but seldom see things through, and it's an even rarer occasion when I stick with ongoing pursuits. I've always loved many creative outlets, and am currently an instructional designer. I love teaching others, and in the instructional design world, the content creators do not often have backgrounds in visual design. We are great at putting together activities, bringing people together, defining objectives, and achieving outcomes. Yet the way in which the content is delivered often leaves much to be desired (especially in the realm of regulatory/technical trainings).

That said, I am actively seeking outlets to enhance my creative genius, and most of this simply requires showing up. Showing up to my sketchpad and pencils, showing up at my computer, showiing up for online skillshare courses, etc.

Each year I decide a new theme just to see how things go, and this year my anthem is to "Just show up." Show up to my running shoes, to my volunteer commitments, to the piano, to salsa practices, to the kitchen, to my sketchbooks, to the Adobe Creative Suite, to my friends, to my family. Maybe show up a little less to Netflix, the take-out menu, the couch... :)

Moodboard #1

I had a massive amount of fun putting this together! I'm working on a pretty large instructional design project right now, so this was a really fun way to gain inspiration elsewhere in between modules. I love the idea of moodboarding and am definitely going to use this for future creative projects. I was a total doubter before I tried this exercise, and I'm glad I did.

My imagery includes movement in the form of dance, running, and acrobatics, strength in the form of lions and wolves, and beautiful artwork of nature. My theme is determination, and these images remind me what I aspire to do in my life. Of course I added the T-rex for some humor, as everything is better with a sprinkle of fun.


Moodpart Part 2!

So after receiving Mete's feedback about my moodboard, I went back to it to add some illustration/typography, and holy macaroni, people. A new wave of inspiration came over me when I stumbled upon the work of Noel Shiveley (ig: https://www.instagram.com/noeltheartist/) And oooooh, baby! Did I expand this board. I had to pair it back quite a bit and stop myself (somebody, stop me!). Anywhoo, here's round 2 :)



Woo I feel like I'm on a roll tonight! I surprisingly like the concepts behind all of these. We'll see which one I choose :O I'm unsure why this uploaded sideways... it's right-side up when I open it everywhere else. :(


... and because I love the T-rex humor, I've added this little guy (who will look more determined should I choose to go with it):


Thumbnailing part 2!

Yay more! :) 







More thumbnails!



Sketching (beginning phase plus indecisiveness about which lettering to use...)


Above is the beginning of the sketch, and below is my lack of decisiveness on which lettering is best... Mete, any advice? :) 



Alright, so this is what I've decided on for the final sketch:


It will look better when it's all cleaned up...


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