Melissa Panter

a work in progress



Just practicing!

The one thing I think I didn't get was how to have a good original image to scan in. For instance, this image (albeit taken in poor light) has so much noise/texture to the paper that when I scanned in and did 'Adjustment: Levels' to it, it still had lots of spotchiness.


So my main question is, do you just touch up the first digital image (just the line drawing) with the eraser to get clean white and black only? 

Coloring: (notice paper texture spotchiness. It just doesnt look good in this case.)


Colored the lines and added texture:


 I grabbed a paper that my 4 year old covered in crayon for the texture.

Obviously these are not nearly complete images, but I loved the lessons that I learned and am glad I was able to put them into practice quickly. Photoshop coloring used to be a mystery to me. And, well, it still is, BUT I feel like I have lots more tools in the toolbelt to at least get the look I want to accomplish with the tips that I learned here.


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