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Just on an off with my twitter account

I just created a second twitter account @wpguy_mh where I want to collect people who are WordPress beginners so that I can interest them for my courses.

For the first step, I checked Twitter accounts like wp101 and wpbeginner and started to follow their followers.

Day 1: No followers, added 250 people with my free tweepi account.

Day 2: 22 followers, now adding 250 people but targeting followers of @CreateWPSite that I found as a YouTube channel who targets WP beginners.

Day 3: 59 followers, still adding people from @wpbeginner and filtering by language (English), follow ration (greater than 95), hope that helps to get more followers today.

Day 4: 80 followers.I keep adding more users from other WP-beginner accounts that I find on youTube.

Day 5: 147 followers.Still keep adding users from YouTube channels.

Day 6: 190 followers. But it looks like I've hit a wall, because I can't find any more twitter accounts to steal followers. I've tried several blogs for WP beginners and YouTube accounts, but it seems I'm not getting any more suggestions on Tweepi. Now adding followers from @UdemyJoe

Day 7: After being suspended twice from twitter, I think I'll give up. This system does not work as it seems to violate the twitter terms and the account get suspended. Even after verifying my phone number the second time, I don't see that I'm following anybody, so I guess the system is locked for me so that I cannot follow anybody from now on.

I'm glad I did this on a fresh twitter account. 


So, now, after a few hours, my following count is back at 1745 and I have 241 followers. It seems that there is a glitch somewhere in the twitter system. Anyway, I will try to take it slower these next days and limit my follow routine to about 50 at a time, so that I don't get into this trouble again.

Day 8: 366 followers.


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