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Just my house... to begin with.

Hi everybody!!!

This is my first project ever! I have been watching several courses by now but for some reason I have never started a project on this platform. I would really like to start interacting with the great folks that I have seen here so here I go.

Right now I'm preparing a project with a NGO and realized that a really big part of it would depend on how good I use After Effects. By the time being I cannot share with you guys anything of this proyect till it's finished but I thought that what a better way to start the chat about me if not with a proyect. 

So I just finished the first part of the tutorial and I have designed the building in which I live. It's really simple but I just want to start using and mastering the animation process. I have several other thing in mind but hey. Baby steps right?

Here is my design on Illustrator 


And here is a screenshot of my arrange of elements on AE:


Now I have broken every object with its precomp.


More progress soon!


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