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Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast



Just me

It's been really fun and kind of hard working on this. I wanted to make my drawing look more cartoony, but it ended up looking more like a portrait. I still have many things to work on but I wanted to share where I'm at and get some feedback or some tips. Hopefully I'll have a lot of progress by next week.

My pinteres board

My first and very rough sketch...with one eye bigger than the other. lol


What I still want to do to the illustration is to add more texture, it's a bit flat for my taste, specially to the background. Maybe doing something fun with it can add some depth.


As far as the animation goes, I've never worked with this timeline on photoshop, and my background in animation can be summarized by Jake and Kate's gif projects. So I'm still getting familiar with everything, but I'm loving it.

I managed to get my character blinking and blushing more (still needs some ease to it). Next, I'm going to try and make her smile wider as she blinks. I also want to introduce some fun animation on the back, like a sky with stars. I have some references of that happening on my pinterest board, and I think it can get really cute and simple at the same time.


Simple animation...just trying to get the hang of the photoshop timeline


Added some smiling to my character



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