Just like Foot-loose but messier

Just like Foot-loose but messier - student project

OMG. I finally tried it.  I painted the dollhouse on my craft table. It was similar to your example and I think I made a solid effort.  But I see how practice is really needed now.  I can see I can even go looser and vary colors more. The concepts are great. I now know the value of the use of transparency here and the brushstrokes can be layered this way. I didn't realize my precision was getting in the way and always felt my paintings took too long. There are so many paintings I never started because I just didn't want to invest 60+ hours making a photo realistic picture of something really hard. And I always felt stuck in that I wanted to add or take away from a piece and not just paint exactly what I see. Yet I was stuck in my perfectionism of accuracy. My favorite paintings are never the photorealistic ones so it baffled me why I painted that way. I'm going to enjoy painting fast and loose now.  There is so much potential here.  Thank you, Robert!

Nicole Roberts
Illustrator/Designer/Art Director