Just beginning....

Just beginning.... - student project

I started a retail space with my Mom called Wild Women in the Country. She recently passed away and it has really rocked my world. I was going to leave the workshop but I think this might be what I really need. I feel so lost right now and I think that taking the time to figure out what moves me might be a big help. Help me gain some clarity. Also I think a website redo may be in order, make it more of a portfolio site.

I am sharing the mission and philosophy I crafted for our business


Wild Women in the Country Mission Statement

We aspire to….

Create a soulful approach to living one home and garden at a time.

Offer products that inspire and delight the inner Wild Women 

Craft and create a lifestyle that supports a connection to family, friends and Nature.

Support and create habitat for the delicate, life-giving creatures such as honey bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Provide products, ideas and inspiration to renew and refresh.


The Wild Women Philosophy…

love each other, ourselves and the beautiful gift of Life

creativity is available to us all, in many forms, express yourself fearlessly!

connection to family, friends and Nature provide much needed grounding

peace of mind, peace in your heart, peace for all mankind




Jennifer Asbury
artist, designer, welder