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Just another soldier

Here's the linework I was able to do, my soldier has a bit more cartoony look to him, hope it'll come out allright, really enjoying this tutorial, I looked at the whole thing, then started doing it step by step, so here's phase one, any feedback is really appreciated!

Next step I tried to shade thos forrms multiple times, this is probably the second time I tried to shade an object following a class, not a million times like Hardy said hehe, so I kept at it until I got it kinda right I guess.

Then I got to the character, the most problems I've had were making the highlights and where to place it, in the tutorial it made sense, but on my cartoon character it didn't (for me). Another thing that I struggled with was the skin tone, I couldn't get it right, it was always too yellow, here's a screenshot from that stage:

Kept shading, kept using the hue/saturation, until I got to a point where I was...well...at least satisfied. Also I can't tell what's wrong with the ear, there's something off about it, now that I think about it maybe I should have looked for some reference photos, as I don't know enough about anatomy.

Anyways here's my result, the shadows were a bit of a struggle on the darker sider, also I didn't went far enough with the details to make it look a bit more realistic, will look through this class again, maybe I'll pick up some things.

Really loved the eyes tutorial, made sense, though I'm sure with more practice I'm going to make them look better. Added some textures, colors and arrived with this design.

My problem was always following up after starting a class like this, so this is my first completed digital illustration class, happy with the end result, but I know I can do better, probably will start a new character, a more real character and hope I improve.

Any kind of feedback or constructive criticism is more than welcomed!
Thanks for putting toghether this class!


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